Film Shortage Favourite Shorts

We couldn't be more chuffed (the good kind) that our trailer for Umbrella of Damocles  is currently being featured on Film Shortage. Because Film Shortage is a freakin' fantastic website, filled with freakin' fantastic short film trailers and freakin' fantastic full short films and we're feeling pretty freakin' fantastic to be curated along with that amazing talent. Okay, we promise we'll stop saying "freakin' fantastic" now. Well, after that time. 

Anywho, we've become seriously obsessed with the short films and trailers currently featured on Film Shortage. Who needs to work or do laundry or feed the cat when there are shorts to watch, right? Right. We put together a short (hehehe, get it?!) list of some of our favourites. Just click on the title pictures to be taken to the Film Shortage page where you can watch the short film and read more from the Film Shortage curators. 

READY? BLUE, 42, HUT, HUT, HIKE! (Yeah, we have no idea what just happened either.)  


(Notes On) Biology | Ornana Films | USA | 2011 | 5m39s  

Two words: robot elephant. That's really all you need to know. This delightful animated short reminds us of our own days of being bored in school and doodling in our notebooks.

Voice Over | Martin Rosete | Spain | 2012 | 9m44s

This is one of those stories that has the best payoff at the end. You won't even be entirely sure what you're watching but it all comes together in the most fantastic way in the final scene.  

Ten Thousand Days | Michael Duignan | New Zealand | 2011 | 17m5s

Yeah, this one's a bit longer but totally worth it. Quirky cinematography and production design combined with that fantastic New Zealand sense of humour we love so much brings to life the classic "only a few days left to live" tale. Also, remind us to make an entrance as grand as that at the next funeral we attend. 

Ice Cream | Nicholas Payne Santos | USA | 2012 | 3m22s  

Okay, so obviously someone (ahem, Siân, ahem) clicked on this one because of the title, but we weren't disappointed at all. The best part is: you can totally enjoy this short without having to put down your ice cream. 

 "032" The Canadian Affair | Thibaut Duverniex | 2010 | 3m55s

We were quite taken with the absolutely gorgeous, jaw-dropping cinematography and production design of this short film. The story itself is minimal and simple, but you'll be completely entranced the entire time based on the visuals alone. 


Okay, jabrones, we got you started. Now get on over to Film Shortage and enjoy their beautifully curated collection. Get! Get!  


- written by Pickle