Okay gang, have we got some awesomesauce news. It might be the most awesomey, sauciest news we've ever had. Yes, even better than delicious honey barbecue sauce on delicious wings. Mmm, wings.  

Our short film, Umbrella of Damocles , is an official selection of the 2013 Hamilton Film Festival. WHAT! AMAZING! We've even got an official laurel leaf thinger and everything. Check this fancy shit out: 


Jump back, we're pretty hot, eh? (Yes, we stole that from Mulan . Deal with it.)

This is the 8th (yeah!) year for the Hamilton Film Festival and it will be running November 4th - 10th at the Staircase Theatre. The festival has a super snazzy line-up this year . . . and NOT just because they're screening our short film. You can check out the entire line up on their website. RIGHT HERE, BITCHES! The boldy words and random swear definitely helped, right? 

 Umbrellla of Damocles  will be screening on Friday, November 8th at 7:00PM as part of the Comedy Shorts program and tickets are $8. You read right: just $8. You can't even get a full meal at Starbucks for under $8, but you can see TEN amazing, hilarious short films. Just go to their website, scroll down a bit and on the right side of the screen you'll see ticket options. Buy one (or five) for the Comedy Shorts and get some tickets to other things while you're at it because supporting local film festivals is awesome. 

So let's go over all the important bits again: 

Umbrella of Damocles

Hamilton Film Festival

Friday, November 8th, 7:00PM

Comedy Shorts



(We just added that last one because "cats" should end every list. Probably.) 


So mark your calendars, buy your tickets, Google Map the way to Hamilton (it's, uh, west, right?) and we'll see you on November 8th.