Repo Man VS The Toxic Avenger

These films both came out in 1984 and they both were fucking awesome.  But which one was more awesome-r?

Three reasons for Repo Man: 

1.  The villain owns a car from from outer space which vaporizes you into dust when you open the trunk.

2.  Alex Cox can put together a mean soundtrack--truly inspired music for punching people in the face.   

3.  One of the greatest monologues of all time fueled by class-A drugs.   

Three reasons for Toxic Avenger:

1.  The vilian's name is Cigar Face and he has his  testicles smashed a mere thirty minutes into the film.

2.  It has an epic Taco Bar fight sequence (see above).   

3.  Finally, Toxic Avenger was the only action figure I had that could really stand up to my Dick Tracy goons.  Prune Face had no game plan for a mop and brute force. (Also, it's strong anti-slave trading stance gets a bonus point!)

So I leave it up to you.  Who wins this round of Versus? COMMENT BELOW, JABORNIS! 

Written by Aaron Allard.