Harold and Kumar VS Discreet Charm

Two films about people who just want to eat. Both films are loaded with social commentary but one is the epitome of the ART FILM and the other is the ultimate STONER COMEDY. So very different... yet so very similar.

CharmeDiscretDeLaBourgeoisieStBW7 (1).jpg

Three reasons for The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie:

- The humor is incredibly dark as we witness these upper class people punished for their appetites. (Spoiler: they are even executed at the film's end by militants in an oddly humorous scene)

The level of pedigree that the film displays is immense since it comes for Luis Bunuel, who is generally heralded as one of greatest directors of all time.

- Although it is 40 years old, it's power and humor haven't diminished.



Three reasons for Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle: 

- Although this film is superficially about being stoned and getting the munchies, it slowly reveals that it's a subversive gem that is ultimately a snapshot of racism in the new millennium .

- This movie somehow managed to transform Neil Patrick Harris from a failed child star into a near mythical figure and that momentum has continued for a decade.

 -Two words: BATTLE SHITS.