Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (2013) || My Rating: 4 bad-ass Jaegers/5

In which we learn two things: one, don't ever touch Idris Elba. And two, don't ever touch Idris Elba. 

(dir. Guillermo del Toro)


I'm going to be totally honest with you guys: I'm afraid to ride a bike. Oh, also, I had really, really low expectations for Pacific RimLow enough that the only reason I went was because Aaron and James scored passes to a 3D IMAX screening last Thursday. Obviously I'd be crazy to turn down a free movie and to sweeten the deal it was screening at the Scotiabank, which has the fancy computerized soda machine, which means: MR. FUCKIN' PIBB!!!!!! YEAH! AMERICA! USA!

So with my as-large-as-my-face Mr. Pibb in hand, I sat down to experience what has ended up being one of my favourite movies of the summer. What? No, really: this movie is awesome. Yes, it's sort of like Robot Jox/Godzilla/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, but I didn't see any of you yahoos complaining about FernGully-hontas with Wolves (more commonly known as, ugh, Avatar), so shut your yaps. 

Pacific Rim accomplished something not often accomplished in crazy futuristic/alien type movies: it made a completely believable universe. Little details, like what happened to the Kanji bodies after they were defeated to graffiti on the Jaegers, made everything seem that much more real. Well, except for one thing: I highly doubt people of the future will be naming their children Raleigh. Or Yancy. I mean, come on. COME ON.

The movie also didn't waste anytime getting right into the action. We had a few seconds of a definition of the words "kaiju" and "jaeger" on the screen and then WHAM, BAM, shit got real. Whenever I watched the trailers, I always rolled my eyes at how the giant robots were operated by two people, but they even explained that in such a logical, simple way that by two minutes into the film, it didn't bother me anymore. It's the neural load, guys--the neural load! 

And can we talk for a second about the score? God damn. That is a score I want to save the world to. Ramim Djawadi (who also did the Iron Man and Game of Thrones scores) had me practically dancing in my seat. I mean, check this out:

Put that on your workout mix and I guarantee you'll destroy those calories at the gym like a buncha weak-ass category 1 Kaiju. WHAT.

I also really enjoyed the characters in Pacific Rim. And by that I mean I just want to stare at a giant 3D IMAX Idris Elba all fucking day. BECAUSE TODAY WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE! Even the comic relief characters were fun without being annoyingly awful. I might be a little biased though, because I absolutely love Charlie Day. And watching him obsess over Kaiju body parts just reminds me of his AMERICA rant. (Rock, flag, and eaagggllllleee!) And Ron Perlman? Pfft. Just stick a pair of shiny gold shoes on him and he's good to go. 

You guys, I loved this movie so much I saw it again over the weekend. I could even go see it a third time. But I really shouldn't have expected anything less from Guillermo del Toro, AKA Pappy McPoyle. Bless you, Pappy. 


Written by Pickle; originally posted here.