Review: White House Down VS Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen (2013) || My Rating: 5/5 American flags billowing in the breeze

White House Down (2013) || My Rating: 2/5 American flags not really billowing at all


I wrote a review for Olympus Has Fallen after seeing it and was waiting with anticipation for White House Down so I could write a shit-talking follow-up about how it wished it was as glorious and fucking bad-ass as Olympus Has Fallen. TAKE THAT. HA. Instead, I decided to make a video. Partially because I really wanted something to do between eating my morning bowl of cereal and my afternoon bowl of cereal, but more so because sometimes the written word just isn't enough.

This is one of those times. (Warning: excessive, angry--yet still patriotic--swearing.)


Written by Pickle.