Production Diary: Six

So it's been a crazy-times couple of weeks for Charlemagne Films. It's already been two weeks since we finished our Indiegogo campaign and we couldn't be more floored with the results. Thanks to all of the generous support from our friends, families, colleagues, and even strangers, we raised $2,240 for our short film, Even the Horses Had Wings . AMAZEBALLS! 

We've been busy putting some of those funds to work with the final pre-production stages before we head into our first two days of shooting next week. It's involved a lot of schedule making, equipment ordering, and bossing people around. And last week we all went out on a grand location scouting adventure. Siân was the wheels, Bea was cute, Aaron was the pose master, and we just brought James so his feelings wouldn't be hurt. 


Check out some images from the scouting. See Aaron and his very professional "location scouting pose" (above); see Siân sitting on a stump, yes we know it looks like she's taking a dump but she swears there is a stump there, honest (yeah, sure there is); and also some beach and trees and clouds and stuff. Whoa. 

Next weekend, production starts! Holy exciting, Batman! We would say we were "going to lens" but then we remembered we aren't pretentious douche bags. Stay tuned for more awesome diary entires with some awesome behind-the-scenes photos.