How to NYC Like the Movies: Part One

Last week, I regaled all of you with ways in which to New York just like Tom Hanks. Yes, one can, in fact, "New York"; Tom Hanks does it all the time. Thinking of all of those delightful (deeeeeeelightful) movies got me thinking about all of the other NYC movies I love. They might not have Tom Hanks in them, but they are still pretty damn awesome. I realize at this point that I am coming across as some sort of Tom Hanks Superfan, but I swear I'm not. (I haven't even seen Castaway. And I think I'm the only person who doesn't like Forrest Gump .) Anyway, I've compiled a list of NYC spots to visit so you can live like all of your favourite movies. This is part one. Partially because there are just so many awesome movies but mostly because why write one blog when you can write two at once. Right? Right. 


1. Coney Island  

There are a lot of things you could do down at Coney Island to live like your favourite movie. I've already mentioned Zoltar. You could channel your inner anal-retentive child and run away to ride that spinning ride like Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls  (don't forget your pet pig!). Or you could ride the Wonder Wheel right before a crazy alien whatsit comes to destroy everything like in Cloverfield. But, come on guys, the obvious choice of what to do in Coney Island  is to form a gang called the Warirors and fight the Rogues, a rival gang. Alls you need is some face paint and some bottles to clink together. Warrrriiiiooorrssssssss. Come out to plllaaaayyyyaayyyyyyy. Also, get a corn dog from Nathan's while you're at it. Because duh, delicious.


2. The "Sperm Whale and Giant Squid" exhibit at the Museum of Natural History  

If you were wondering why the movie Squid and the Whale  was called that, well it has to do with the exhibit that features, well a squid and a whale. I don't really want to give too much of it away. But, really, if you haven't seen this filet of the neighbourhood yet, there is something seriously wrong with you. Philistine. The last few times I tried to see this at the museum, it was missing (gasp), but it was finally back next week. Except there was no glass to protect it from crazy people like me jumping in and posing for a picture. Don't worry: my brother kept me from doing just that and most likely getting arrested as a result. Fun fact: the Museum of Natural History's admission is "suggested". That means you can pay a penny and still gain admission. A PENNY. 


3. Montauk  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyone who knows me knows I couldn't make a list about places to visit in NYC without mentioning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  and my beloved Montauk. Technically the entire film takes place on Long Island but, pfft, that's still part of New York. BECAUSE I SAID SO. Anyway, if you're feeling adventurous, grab the train out to Montauk and trudge along the beach just like Joel. Then "accidentally" see the girl of your dreams at the Plaza restaurant in Montauk and awkwardly talk to her on the train ride back to real life. I have yet to go to Montauk in the winter (ohhhh, I will) and I actually haven't hit up the Plaza yet (I definitely will, and there will be pictures). I have managed to make it to one of the two (yes, really) pancakes houses and highly recommend Anthony's. (John's, I'll try your pancakes next time.)


4. Tiffany's jewellery store 

Is there anything more glamourous and lovely than the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's ? I spent the better part of my childhood wishing to be as classy as Audrey Hepburn. Mostly I wanted her eye brows. And that amazing cigarette holder. I didn't want to smoke; I just wanted the holder. Now, I have to admit that I've never actually had breakfast whilst standing in front of Tiffany's. Mostly because, well, I have better things to do that early in the morning. And if I'm really going to do it, I'm going to do it right: dress, pearls, and all. 


5. The Guggenheim museum  

I was watching Men in Black  last week and realized, with the mature and wordly eyes of an adult, that the super fast, double eyelid blinking alien ran up the Guggenheim, where he soon after jumps to his death. Why isn't the Guggenheim capitalizing on this? Maybe there are; I've never been. It's not a public museum like the Met or Museum of Natural History, so I'd have to--gasp--pay full price. But you probably don't have to pay to scale the side of the building, right? Other fun Men in Black  inspired things you can do include: driving on the ceiling of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel (safety note: you need a special car to accomplish this), standing in front of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Ventilation and pretending you're just checking in at the MiB headquarters. Or heading out to Queens to check out those "observation towers" (ahem-spaceships-ahem) at the New York World's Fair Pavilion. 

What movies will show up in Part Two? I have no idea. Really.  


Written by Pickle