How to NYC Like the Movies: Part Two

I know, I know. You're dying to hear about what other locations in NYC you can visit to be just like your favourite film character. Well have no fear because I have five more films and five more NYC spots. It's like Christmas! Except not at all because there are no presents involved.  


1. Columbia University

Let's face it: you could spend all day running around playing Ghostbusters in NYC. You could hit up the location of their headquarters in Tribeca. You could visit the home of the home of Zuul (because there is no Dana, only Zuul!) on Central Park West. But, let's face it: the very best thing you can do is grab a bottle of liquor and laze about Columbia University campus like they just fired you from your research position and you now face the possibility of having to work in the, ugh, private sector.


2. Babycakes  

It's kind of hard to tell, but if you frequent Babycakes like I do, you'll instantly recognize the "Bakery" sign at the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada. And then you'll be all, "Ahhhh, I've totally bought cupcakes from there and Andy was there in her heinous sweater!!!" So grab your most unfortunate looking, bargain basement, no-style jacket and head on down to Babycakes. Except I don't think they actually sell bagels (especially not onion bagels--gross) so you might have to settle for a cupcake. (Side note: two of the characters from Girls have a super deep conversation (weren't they all?) on the stoop next to Babycakes and I've totally sat on that stoop too so I'm practically a real-life Girls girl. You know what I mean.)  


3. The Plaza

If you accidentally find yourself in NYC with your dad's wallet, the only--and I mean ONLY--thing to do is to check yourself in at the Plaza Hotel like Kevin does in Home Alone 2.  Even if you aren't a small child, you should probably get a Talkboy and make up an elaborate back story. Because that's way more fun than just booking online, okay? Don't argue with me; just do it. Also, remember to bring some gum for tips and you're all set. 


4. Tompkins Square Park

DIe Hard 3  is my favourite Die Hard film. Yes, it's because of the riddles. I love riddles, okay? And the riddle that Hey-Zeus and McClane have to solve in front of the elehpant fountain in Tompkins Square Park is oodles of fun. Fun, with a vengeance! (Bahaha.) It might be kind of difficult to convince an evil German man to set up riddles around NYC for you so if that doesn't work out, you can at least hijack a cab and drive it through Central Park. 


5. The steps at the Met  

Okay, Okay, so Gossip GIrl is a TV show. So what. This is my list and I can do whatever I want with it. Besides, what could be better than sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and scheming with your loyal minions? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Don't even think about going INSIDE the museum. Please. There are ordinary people in there. And tourists. Instead, we will sit here on the steps, eating low-fat yogurt and fruit and contemplating which headband to wear tomorrow. You know, important stuff. 


Will there be a Part Three?!??!?! Maybe. I dunno. Depends on what I'm doing next week, alright? 


Written by Pickle