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Who needs real life when you have TV, am I right?

HOLY CRAP, WE'RE STILL ALIVE?! Wait, are we? I have no idea. Maybe I'm writing this from the beyond. It's nice here. There's pie. Anyway, we took a little breaky-break (like a regular break, but more breaky) from the ol' blog for a month or so. Aaron and James were busy prepping for the rest of the shoot days for Even the Horses had Wings  and I was working some event gigs in NYC and then working at TIFF. But despite our extreme business and obvious high level of importance (super high, guys), we're bringing this bloggy back to life. TADAH! 

Anyway, one of our favourite things about fall is the return of TV shows. We love TV. Maybe we love TV more than movies. I mean, sometimes you don't have enough time for a movie, or maybe you want a continuous storyline you can visit week after week, or maybe you really want a DJ Roomba. Is that so much to ask? Honestly. 

I put together a short list of some of the shows I'm most excited about this fall. Some are new, some are old, and the one at the end I tossed in there because it's absolutely bonkers. Also, it stands to reason that if I'm mentioning shows that aren't brand new, I might mention some plot points from prior seasons. Don't get all buttsore about it, ya dinguses. 


American Horror Story : Gotta level with you guys and admit that I haven't seen Aslyum yet. There were just A LOT of TV shows last year and I was really busy and it fell off my radar. Ugh, I know. I'm excited about this season because witches are cool, yo. And it's not like I need to watch the other seasons anyway. The opening credits were posted online yesterday but I'm too afraid to watch. The opening credits to the first season made me cry. (Actually--ask James.) 


Bob's Burgers : I miss the Belchers so much. SO MUCH. I wonder what will happen this season. Will Tina finally find love? Will Gene ever find a friend as awesome as the OT? AND WHAT ABOUT LEAFY GREENBRIAR AND KATE BUSH?! Anyway. Yeah. Can this be my new family? Too late, it already is. Watch out, guys--this charm bomb is ready to explode. 


Brooklyn Nine-Nine : Okay, I'm still on the fence about this show. It had some super funny moments, but it also had some not so great moments and also Andy Sandberg wore a Speedo, so I guess it all evened out. Andy Sandberg is actually pretty damn good. There's some almost Hot Rod level shit going on, but it doesn't ever feel too over the top, you know what I mean? And it definitely helps that Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio and Chelsea Perretti are there to round things out. DON'T FAIL ME, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE!


Elementary : If you know me, you know I love mysteries and wish I were Nancy Drew. My favourite kinds of shows and movies involve clues and deciphering and using reason to come to startling conclusions, oh my! Anyway, this was a new show last year and I wasn't expecting to love it so much (I'm very attached to the English Sherlock at the moment) but it is damn good. That Sherlock sure is sassy; SO not a people person, am I right guys? And the last few episodes of the season were incredible. I hope this season can bring in a new over-arching mystery and keep it all going. 


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia : It's been nine seasons now; if you still aren't watching It's Always Sunny, then you're a big fat jabroni. Get outta here, jabroni. The gang's been back for four episodes already and each one has been in top form, with the third being particularly outstanding. The gang has already broke Dee, gun fever have been hot, an award was attempted to be won, and then Mac and Dennis bought a time share. And it can only get darker from here, guys. 


Parenthood  : I'm mostly putting this in here because I know it will kill James to see Parenthood on this list along with some of his other favourite shows. HA, take that. And actually, this show is awesome. I started watching the first season on Netflix out of sheer boredom last summer and got absolutely hooked. But I guess that's the point, right? Curse this family and their constant tackling of life's problems! And how are they always having dinner together?! What is up with that?!? Here's to a bajillion more family dinners this season.


Parks & Recreation : The season premiered last night ad it was a glorious thing of beauty. The gang all went to England! Well, most of them. And there were helicopters and a Heidi Klum and a little cheese statue of Heidi Klum and then Ron went sightseeing. And back in Pawnee, Donna is observant and Tom battles with Jean-Ralphio's dad. This is going to be a bittersweet season because Ann and Chris will be leaving. Ugh. I don't wanna talk about it. 



Sleepy Hollow : James and I were all "hmmmmmmm" about this one. The premiese sounded absolutely ridiculous, but it actually works. Yes, that's right: a time traveling (or maybe he was just asleep?) Ichabod Crane finds himself in modern times still battling the headless horseman. TOTALLY WORKS. The first two episodes have been pretty good so far, full of lots of fun witchcraft/magic type stuff and also the added hilarity of a dude from the past trying to understand the customs of the present. Never gets old, guys.


SVU : Yeah, you probably knew this was coming. WHAT?! It's the best show ever. Now, I did boycott it after Stabler left, and I wasn't super happy with how the formatting of the show changed a bit (the intros aren't the old "random person discovers a body in a random place, oh my!" but instead something more flashyMeh. But, man, the cases last season were absolutely off the wall and the season ended with a crazy-ass cliffhanger. So you KNOW I'm watching it this season. I've also heard rumour they are combining the Paula Deen scandal with the Trayvon Martin story. What?! Yeah. Only on SVU could this happen. Also, check out that swank-ass picture I found.


The Blacklist : I was sort of curious about this show and then one of the people I'm working this event gig was all "hey, you know it takes place in the building we're working in right now". And I was all, "well now I'm totes watching it!" True story. Sort of. But, yes, the "post office" the FBI uses in the show is an actual post office in NYC and I'm sitting in it right now! Guys, psst, I've been IN the same room as James Spader. I feel like you should watch the show based on that alone. Anyway, it's alright. It was a tad predictable at times and a little overly dramatic, but there was a twist at the end twisty enough to make me keep watching. And James Spader is always a delight.  


 The Heart, She Holler : the second season of this has almost finished airing. I watched a few episodes of the first season with James a couple of weeks ago. I can't even begin to describe to you what happened. I don't even know. Something weird with a hole in a bible that I don't feel comfortable talking about. You should just go watch it for yourself. 


- written by Pickle